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Aero Eagle Freight, Inc. started its operations in Manila on February of 2001. To represent AE Eagle Group in

providing adequate logistics services in Southeast Asia.

Our History

The founders of AE Eagle America Inc. have more than 15 years sales and operations experience in the field of handling imported electronics products, garments and toys from the Far East and China, and export of Hi-tech products from the USA to China and Asia. Coordinated and monitored b y the management team of Air Eagle America Inc. who decide to establish our network within USA and China.

Aero Eagle Freight, Inc. started its operations in Manila on February of 2001. To represent AE Eagle Group in providing adequate logistics services in Southeast Asia.



In February 1997, AE Eagle America Inc. set up our own office & warehouse in New York, to handle all the traffic in East Coast region.  In October 1997, AE Eagle Cargo Inc. started operation in Los Angeles, for all the traffic in West Coast and Mountain region.  In April 2004, AE Eagle Logistic Inc. started operation in Chicago to cover the entitle Mid-West Region (Central Time) of USA

Air Eagle America Inc. the parent company of AE Eagle America Inc. obtained the NVOCC bonded license, which enabled us to handle ocean freight in USA, and it had the OTI license after May 1, 1999.  In fact, AE Eagle America Inc. also obtained the NVOCC bonded license on January 2002 in USA.  Also Air Eagle America Inc. has been endorsed as an IATA Agent in USA since September 1, 2001.

In order to maintain the outstanding service from the business center of China, AE Eagle Int’l Freight Shanghai Ltd. has provided service over there since July 1998.

Beijing, China is the major airfreight hub for the Northern China region, AE Eagle Int’l Freight Beijing Ltd. has been serving there from November 1998.

AE Eagle Freight Dalian Ltd., which is the representative office of Air Eagle America Inc., started our operation in June 2001.  The Dalian office is the gateway for ocean operations in that North East tri-province in China.

AE Eagle Freight Transportation (China) Ltd. in Hong Kong, has operated since March 2000.  AE Eagle Cargo Ltd. started to handle all ocean shipments specifically for the Southern China region in April 2002.  

 Aero Eagle Freight, Inc. started operation as an associate office in Manila, Philippines since July 04, 2002.

AE Eagle Korea Inc. started operation also an associate office in Korea effective January 01, 2004

 AE Eagle Freight Qingdao Ltd. started to operate on July 1, 2004.

 AE Eagle Int’l Freight Guangzhou Ltd. operated in Guangzhou since September 1, 2004. 

AE Eagle Int'l Freight Beijng Co., Ltd. operated since May 15, 2006

AE Eagle Int’l Freight Shenzhen Ltd. Operated in Shenzhen since December 15, 2006.

AE Eagle Int’l Freight Xiamen Ltd. will start to operate on July 1, 2007

AE Eagle Logistics Canada Inc. started operation in Toronto since September 22, 2008

The objective of the Group Companies is to listen to and meet the requirements of our clients by rendering a high quality, responsive service tailored to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.